25th August 2019 – 21st Sunday in Ordinary time


Globally we are producing approximately 300 million tonnes of plastic each year, and around half of that is classed as single-use plastic. Much of it finishes up in the oceans with devastating effect on marine life.  As Catholics we sometimes forget that we are stewards not only of what we possess but of our whole planet, yet we deflect responsibility onto government, business or other people.  The Laudato Si’ (Live Simply) Group, linked with the Parish CAFOD group, aims to provide educational and practical opportunities for the Parish, and its linked schools, to care for the environment.

There are now three Clitheroe based initiatives that can help us to recycle plastic or avoid its use. Ocean Clear, at Unit 2 Wellgate Court, Wellgate, (between Brioche and Your Style) sell eco-friendly products and also recycle a range of things including: crisp packets, Pringles tubes and other wrappers as well packaging for health and Beauty products. Seal Metal at 6 Albion Court Waterloo Road, (near Tesco) take a very wide range of materials including plastics and electrical and electronic goods, metals, glass, paper, cardboard and polystyrene. They also offer a pocket money scheme for children to encourage environmental awareness.  Little Green Footprints on Clitheroe Market  provide a Refill Station for many environmentally friendly plant-based Household and Bathroom products.

One of  the biggest uses of plastic is bottles filled with water that has has been clearly demonstrated to be no better than tap water.  There are now over 20,000 Refill Stations in the UK and the Refill website app enables you to find one on your journey.

These are all good, and you can find out more about them on the Laudato Si’ (Live Simply) webpage http://www.olotv.org.uk/parish-groups/laudato-si but in the longer term we must aim to avoid non-recyclable plastic altogether and be prepared to pay a little more to buy produce without packaging.

God is in everything and God IS everything.  God gave us oil and he gave us the ability to transform it into plastic with its countless noble uses.  But thrown away it kills our living planet.  We turn God’s gift into waste and throw it back in his face.

Let us remember a recent bidding prayer: Let us pray that each of us will use wisely the things of this world, turning away from greed, over-consumption and waste.


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