17th Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 24th 2016

Dear Parishioners,

Not being the sort of bloke who walks into ladies’ toilets, I confess to never having checked the ladies’ facilities in our Clitheroe Parish Social Centre. So at the request of our women’s group I visited their toilets in the Centre and must admit to being surprised at just how dilapidated they are. So a further visit with the maintenance committee and Tony Hargan has resulted in a plan. The toilets will be completely refurbished with four cubicles instead of the present three, three wash basins instead of the present two, the walls and ceiling will be replastered, lighting improved, the flooring will be renewed and baby changing facilities will be introduced. Unfortunately, because of the number of events already booked into the centre and the lengthy holiday, work cannot begin until the end of October. However, to smarten up the place immediately new temporary hand basins will be installed. The development will cost around £12,000 but to help defer the cost, the Women’s group will raise some funds and have been promised assistance by the Knights. The proceeds of the Christmas Fayre also will be given to this project.

With the school closing for the holidays we shall commence to repair the church roof, repoint the west gable end of the church and attend to various parts of the presbytery where the rain managed to penetrate the walls last winter. In addition, the small perimeter wall that runs in front of the main church door will be demolished and rebuilt before it collapses.

You’ll be aware that for the past number of years a parish sponsored walk has been organised to raise funds for the Blackburn HCPT group. This group has now disbanded but the walk will continue and the money raised will be divided equally between a diocesan Caritas project to build a mother and baby welfare unit in Bolton and help fund the new toilets in our Social Centre. This year’s walk will be on Sunday, October 2nd.

Meanwhile, wherever you are or where ever you’re going I wish you a very happy holiday.

Fr John


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