15th Sunday in Ordinary time – 15th July 2018

Celebrating the Eucharist Together – Everybody is Welcome to our Church Family

‘God’s heart is a welcoming heart, reaching out in Jesus to embrace all. Our parish dream is that all would feel welcomed and called to welcome.’

Some time ago, the Salvete Group were asked to suggest ways in which we may better identify and welcome visitors and new parishioners to our church.  The group recognised the work of the welcomers who greet and hand mass sheets and hymn books to everyone but also they saw that at busy times the pressure prevented the welcomers sparing time with visitors. So, in an effort to be even more approachable, we are looking for more volunteers to formally welcome people in church, without the distraction of distributing books and newsletters. Peter White has designed some beautiful ‘Welcomer’ badges, featuring the Mother and Child from the stained-glass window in St Hubert’s under which the wearer can print their Christian name.

So, we are looking for enthusiastic and friendly parishioners who are prepared to reach out to visitors and new parishioners, whenever they are free to do so. What is involved? Please read the guidelines below and have a word in St Mary’s Sabden with Carol Hartley or Anthony Brown, in St Michael & St John’s Clitheroe, with Penelope DeSouza or Susan Fellows and in St Hubert’s, Dunsop Bridge with Fr John.

Guidelines for welcomers

  • Be Welcoming to all. A smile is a symbol of friendship and peace.
  • Look out for new people.
  • Inform them of the Mass Sheets, Hymn Books and newsletter.
  • Let them know where they can sit (anywhere!!)
  • Advise them of children’s liturgy/little church and the location of thetoilets (as appropriate)
  • Ask if they are visiting, or new to the area. If they are new invite them to complete the new parishioners leaflet.
  • Offer the new parish information leaflets.Invite them to Coffee afterwards; accompany them as appropriate.

Stay with us Lord on our Journey

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